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Jon Brooks, Craig Childs, Danny Barnes & Billy Bright, Slim Richey & The Jitterbug Vipers, Greg Harkins & Katie Holmes (Sundogs), Ghost Vipers, Jacob Jaeger, Matt Harlan & Rachel Jones, Ali Holder & Daniel Thomas Phipps, Bottom Dollar String Band, Ann & Kris Wade  and more

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$75 Weekend $40 per night (in advance  One Slim Gem sponsorship left. All Meaux Jeaux' sold

Slim Fest thRee

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Friday                                                                                               Saturday

Guy Forsyth's Hot Nut Riveters                                                   Carolyn Wonderland

Doug Moreland & The Flying Armadillos                                 The Jitterbug Vipers

The alan Munde Band                                                                   Dana Louise & The Glorious Birds

JoBuk Johnson                                                                               Uh Clem

THUrsday: Amy Sue Berlin . Jacob Alan Jaeger

                  Sunday: Sunday Gospel Brunch with The Alan Munde Band @ 11 a.m.   Open Mic @ 5p.m.

February 8 - 11, 2018   The Starlight Theatre in Terlingua, TX