Where to stay

Visting Terlingua?  From motels to RV sites to camping to airbnb, we have it all.  We believe you'll find the majority of our local establishments below.  It's always good to check well in advance - you'd be surprised how busy it is here in February!

Terlingua is a small community and just about every establishment is "Mom and Pop" owned or managed by friends. So, we are primarily listing these options in alphabetical order with sponsors taking precedence. We may have missed a few spots, too, so we'll add those as we're reminded of them.  Most of these places also have FB pages that are easily found.  Many of the RV establishments also offer camping. 


Big Bend Holiday Hotel:  432-203-6929

Villa Terlingua (a/k/a Cynta's) 432.371.2266

Big Bend Resort Adventures  (RV and Motel accommodations) 432.371.2218

Big Bend Vacations: A little bit of everything! 855-224-4236

airbnb: There are several great airbnb options around Terlingua. go here:  airbnb. We have personally stayed or know several of these places and their proprietors such as The Terlingua Mining ruin lofthouse, Cinco Circle Casita, Leapin' Lizard, Villa Terlingua,  and, of course, The Big Bend Holiday Hotel. BBHH has individual rooms as well as houses that sleep numerous people.

BJ's RV Park: You may not think an RV Park would fill up fast but this one does! It's home-away-from-home for many part-time Terlinguans.  Plus the owners are two of the nicest folks you'll ever meet.  432.371.2259

Casa Comanche - Call 707.684.0944

Chisos Mining Company/ Easter Egg:  If you book here and talk with Bird, be careful if you tell her you know Jeffro.  She might charge you double! 432.371.2254

El Dorado Hotel/ Los Gringos RV Park & High Sierra Bar & Grill:  432.371.2111 

Far Flung Outdoor Center:  432.371.2633

La Posada Milagro:  432.371.3044

Leapin' Lizard 432-371-2775

Rancho Topanga Campgrounds 432.371.213

Terlingua Rentals (also found on airbnb)

Boathouse Camping - $20/ night per tent or car. NO HOOKUPS. To reserve a spot go to the ticket page (see link on home page) to reserve it. No money up front - pay when you get here, just be sure to reserve a spot

The Big Bend Ranch State Park and Big Bend National Parks are in the general area and have great camping (in addition to the Topanga campgrounds)  Although there are usually campsites available, it's best to reserve them in advance.